Playlist Creator 3.6.2 released

Jan 15 2010

This release contains several enhancements and bugfixes for Windows Vista and Windows 7. Furthermore, the program now uses some of the new user interface features introduced with Windows 7.

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Playlist Creator 3.6.1 - Ready for Seven

Oct 15 2009

No lengthy speeches today because a lot of users are waiting for it: Several enhancements and bugfixes for Windows Vista and Windows 7 were implemented.

We're now ready for Seven!

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Playlist Creator 3.6 - we're back in business

Jun 25 2009

Anybody of you thought Playlist Creator is dead? It certainly is... NOT ... yet! Since today we're officially back in business with some nice features suggested by you.

For the future I plan to relase in slightly shorter cycles... ;-)

But now let's come to the interesting part. Welcome some of the new major features: Read tags from all media files, Shuffle playlist, Create simple playlists (i.e. plain file lists), Check for program updates, etc. Checkout the complete change list on the products' page.

Update today to have even more fun creating your playlists!

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Playlist Creator 3.5 out now

Jul 31 2007

It took some time but now it's finally done! Playlist Creator 3.5 out now - say welcome to the next step in the glorious history of playlist creation.

Just to name a few of the new major features: Open and edit your existing playlist files, Add folders recursively (i.e. the folder and all its subfolders), Multi-selection support (i.e. move / delete all selected items), Resizable main dialog, Sorting support. Checkout the complete change list on the products' page.

Don't hesitate. Get it today! I know you want it!

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Welcome 100.000th visitor

Jul 09 2007

Let me tell you a little secret: The next version of Playlist Creator with plenty of new features will be released this month! Yes, it's really true!

Pardon? Yes, of course you will be able to open and edit your existing playlists.

Everything changed, everything is the same

Jul 08 2006

Look with what I've wasted my time! Instead of implementing cool new features for existing applications or to develop new ones, I decided to make a new homepage.

I was more and more ashamed of the old site and its medieval frame-design, which looked even more awful on large screens. So the release of the new site really relieves me.

Alright, have fun on the new and shiny oddgravity homepage and let me know what you think about it... certainly only if you like it! ;-)

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Playlist Creator 3.0.3 released

Dec 12 2005

Already late, so just short. The mean bug which could lead to a crash after program start is officially defeated and the new version is online. In addition there are some small enhancements for compensation.

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Weird crashes in Playlist Creator 3.0.2

Nov 29 2005

For a short time some users report crashes of Playlist Creator directly after the start. Thanks to some brave users I was able to track down the problem.

The bug will now be fixed and there will soon be a version 3.0.3. (thanks again - Frank, Charles, Andreas, Fletch - for your great support!)

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Playlist Creator 3.0.2 released

Aug 30 2005

Playlist Creator received some optimizations and improvements. You'll find detailed information about the changes in this release on the applications page.

Windows98-Support: Next year I will stop the support for Windows 98. So all programs that are released in 2006 or later will perhaps not work properly with Windows 98. Perhaps they will not work at all with this fine operating system. Beginning in 2006 there will be no more explicit testing and bug-fixing on Windows 98.

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Playlist Creator 3.0.1 released

May 08 2005

A small bugfix update is available. It could happen that a PLS-playlist is created although M3U is selected. Furthermore I corrected some other minor issues.

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Playlist Creator 3 released

Apr 17 2005

Believe it or not: The new version of Playlist Creator is completed! Because I don't want to bully I just enumerate some of the new features: Drag and drop from Windows Explorer, much higher processing speed, reliable readout of ID3Tags, support for ID3v1- and ID3v2-Tags, many predefined file types can be instantly added to the playlist, missing file types can be added to the file types list, dynamic titles, etc.

For download with immediate effect, as always free of charge and without functional restrictions!

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New release date for Playlist Creator 3

Feb 09 2005

Did I say the new version of Playlist Creator will be released end of January? I surely meant end of February! But seriously - the project makes good progress but end of January was obviously a bit too optimistic. After closing time there is ordinary too little time to make dramatic progress.

I hope I can keep the new deadline end of February but if the worst comes to the worst release date will be in the middle of March. Please be patient for some more days, you will definitely like the new version!

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Roadmap for Playlist Creator 3

Jan 03 2005

It's really time to give a small sign of life! Because of my relocation and the new job there was very little time for coding in my spare time.

So today I announce a new major version of Winamp Playlist Creator coming end of January. New features will be, for example, Drag&Drop-support and the support for user-defined file types.

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Got lots of motivation from tUM*04

Jan 03 2005

Recently I got to know paniq of the demo group farbrausch. Because of that and my long-lasting passion for the demo scene I visited my first demo party, the tUM*04 in Hemsbach near Mannheim, between Christmas and New Year's eve. All I can say is: Amazing! These boys and girls are really fantastic coders and artists! I can't wait to go to the Breakpoint 2005. Check out the party releases.

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