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for the Network Info 1.5

nice little software that you offer on your page.


Just dropping by to say that the playlist creator looks like it may rock - I'll be back and say so for real (and add a tip ;) ) after trying... Cheers!

Great little program - needs 2 things though

1) when you doubleclick on an mp3 file in the playlist editor it should play the song by default (so you can hear it as well as see it)

2)in order to move songs in the editor you must navigate with the up and down arrows embedded in the editor - it would be better if you could DRAG it up or down by highlighting and using the mouse.

otherwise good effort.

#EXTM3U #EXTINF etc. etc.
Is there any option to disable this entry's.

Nice, neat and useful little progs, and a handy web site. Giive us more of your tight code and efficient ideas, they'll be welcome on a Web too filled with huge progs which often are nonsesnse!

Well, what can I say? Awesome program, looking very much forward to the next release whenever it may be.

Welcome to the oddgravity guestbook!

I guess you know what to do here... for example telling me that my stuff rocks would be a good start.

However, you will get no answers here. If you've a question then contact me via the contact form on this website or send me an email.

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