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Thanks a ton for creating this super easy to use M3U creator!

I've used it to sort out hundreds of playlists and can't imagine life without it.

Because of your relative links, I can move the files to another computer and NEVER have to make another playlist!!!!


Vielen Dank fuer Ihr Playlist Creator 3.5 - das Allerbesteste in seine Klasse.

Joseph Pinkham
Great site.

Rusty G.B.
Dude, your playlist creator is perfect! xD Just keep on updating it!
oddgravityThanks! ;-) Next version will be released soon!

Thanks for providing an excellent playlist creator. I bought a portable media player that was released only two months ago and was having a problem creating a playlist. Your program was easy to use!

Great little program.
Is there a way to make it not add the line before every song path.
Example: "#EXTINF:-1,2 Artist - Title"
For my purposes it is not needed or wanted. m3u's work fine without the extra lines with every program I've every used.

oddgravityThis is already on my todo list. Perhaps already in the upcoming version you will be able to set whether to write extended information or not.

wheres the "create in same folder" button gone :( ?
oddgravityNo panic! The option you're missing is still there but was moved to the playlist context menu. Just right-click on a playlist entry and select 'Use folder as playlist save location'.

Hello Michael,

At the risk of excess features... I would like to suggest an extra ordering scheme for the list of files.

It happens to me that many files come in this format:

1.-filename bla bla
2.-filename bla bla
4.-filename bla bla
11.-filename bla bla
15.-filename bla bla
32.-filename bla bla

and moving blocks of filenames up and down like a game of sokoban :) starts to beg the question of a better way to do it...

one way is to order filenames in a different way if they happen to start with numbers (I think there is not much else to it...). The only problem is maybe an extra button to your really good looking and functional layout.

I hope I made sense :)
Thank you very much (anyways)
oddgravityAccording to your example a workaround would be to add a leading zero to the file names below ten. But I can feel the pain... ;-) I will think about it. Perhaps in a future version of Playlist Creator it will be able to select different sorting methods.

Great program!! This is gonna change my life!!

oddgravity:-O ... wow!

Great work! Playlist Creator is one of the best utilities I've ever stumbled upon.

Looking forward to the randomizing feature.

Mark Gillespie
Nice program, the only thing missing for me, is a way of randomsing the playlist.
oddgravityRandomising / shuffling the playlist will be possible in the next version of Playlist Creator.

Playlist Creator has to be one of the finest software utilities I have ever used. It is intuitive, simple to use and has made the creation of playlists of audiobooks a 3 second process. The folks who rip the audiobooks often produce 100's of mp3's that are often out of correct order. This is no longer a problem thanks to you. GREAT JOB! I will be making a donation shortly.

I was wondering if, since Playlist Creator is such a lightweight app, if it is possible that instead of writing to the registry, instead it wrote to a settings.ini file or similar in the application directory? I would LOVE to be able to put this on my USB drive and take it with me, but since it writes to the registry, it is kinda hard to justify if it leaves traces of itself and I have to reset it when I move to a new computer. Thank you, other than that, I love the program.
oddgravityIn the next version of Playlist Creator it will be possible to select whether the settings are written to the registry or to an ini-file.

Just wanted to say that you program is great! I already donated (tropischbruin) but wanted to give my positive feedback.

Some problems with scandinavian letters for example: File37=Joulu\\Tarja Turunen - Henkäys ikuisuudesta\\09 - Mökit nukkuu lumiset.mp3
Title37=Henkdys ikuisuudesta - 9 - Mvkit nukkuu lumiset
oddgravitySee below... no Unicode support in the near future.