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delighted to make donation for such an excellent piece of well thought-out software.
oddgravityMany thanks for your donation and your kind words!

Great bit of software.
Donation made.
oddgravityMany thanks for your donation!

David Konecny
I just now downloaded the software. I haven't used it yet but I think it will solve a problem I'm working on.

Great tool, work very well and very quick.. Would be great to allow for more title variables..

Frank P
Ein wunderbares Tool. Intuitiv und übersichtlich in der Handhabung. Hat mir bei der Einrichtung meiner Cloud mit Sonos sehr gut geholfen! Ich bin begeistert. :-)

Playlist add me a lot of convenience, but the use of a little inconvenience encountered,
If the folder or song file is not English but other country text (such as Russian or German .., etc.), then

the program will reject the list and leave the folder where the file, so I hope the program can join Unicode

to accept Non-English files and folders

Superb tool, however, small enhancement?

Perhaps add a button to "RANDOM" sort the playlist?? Most players do random (mix) play, however, if the collection is big, search is tedious. A random playlist will waste little or no time.

Your efforts are appreciated.
oddgravityJust right-click on the playlist and select "Shuffle playlist items".

Hello this is a great product, but ever since I moved from blackberry to android (samsung s5 & s7) I have issues. The 'save location' doesn't see my phone to save the playlist, it saves it to my computer. Am I missing something?

This is what to use to create playlists on the SanDisk Sansa Sport mp3 player. Very easy! Thanks!

Hi, sehr schönes Prog, hilft mir sehr, da ich momentan alle meine CDs auf mein NAS kopiere. Allerdings hab ich ein Problem, entweder finde ich die Lösung nicht oder es gibt sie gar nicht: ich muß den Speicherort für die Playlist immer per Hand auswählen. Kann man das nicht irgendwo einstellen, das die Playlist automatisch in dem Ordner erstellt wird, in dem die Dateien liegen? Die Funktion fehlt mir irgendwie. Viele Grüße, Andi
oddgravityHier solltest Du die passenden Einstellungen finden: Einstellungen > Playlist Details > Weitere Einstellungen

Great software, couldn't find anything saving playlists properly (especially the option for relative paths!).

One dumb question, is possible to add a tag like "FileName" in the fields used to create the playlist? Something that's basically the file name stripped of path and extension, so FooBar.mp3 will be just "Foo", helpful for people like me with a lot of songs with Japanese titles, which I have no idea how to even type!

I would have created a pull request for such feature, but can't find any link or discover if the software is open source.

Good luck with your next major release, looking forward UTF-8
oddgravityGoto "Settings > Extended Information" and turn off "Readout data from tags" and check if that is what you want. If not try turning off "Write extended information" as well.

This is nice for creating 1-2 playlists here or there but where it fails is if you have a large library and you would like a playlist per folder. It's donig 90% of this now, all you would need is an option to automate the saving process so it saves a playlist in the folder for the files in that folder with the filename generated automatically based(%1_%2_%3)
oddgravityBatch playlist creation is planned for the next major version.

Great program.
The missing feature (IMHO) is to randomize a playlist.
oddgravityJust right-click on the playlist and select "Shuffle playlist items".

Is there a way to support Unicode characters in file names in the current version?
oddgravityThe current version doesn't support Unicode. The next major version will have it though.

Luis Ludenas
Thanks for this app, is very good.
I select some files of folder A and other files of folder B, and folder C, D, E....
I need copy all this files in a usb memory. You can include copy function for do that?.
This great tool is only for music. You can included do that for other files type?
If you think in that, this tool dont exist.
oddgravityI will think about it...