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Playlist Creator 3.6.2 is one of the best things I've found online this year. Simple, smart and sleek. I could not believe it when in less than a minute it created a m3u file of 78 songs. You must love music as much as I do, Michael, to creat this wonderful program. Everyone who loves and store digitla music MUST have this installed. Thanks a lot. Maybe if I'm in Stuggart sometime, I'd say hi. If I could afford it, I'd make a donation, but being in DE without much Germany makes for trouble, finding work. But hey, it's a beauty to know you. I've not tried this on a network yet, where all my music is held. But if it's not a feature, I hope someday you'd add it to select from a network drive/folder. Thanks so much for this, Michael.

Lovely software.. simple and fast! Thanks!

Thank you for that nice little tool which seems to be doing exactly what it's meant to do, and not more.
I still am too young using it to give a full evaluation of it but from what I have seen so far, it is the exact require tool for those like me who don't want to use iTunes or WMP.
I will definitely consider a donation.

Rick Berger
Thanks for using this programm

I'm sure there used to be a "enhancement request" section but I can't find it?

It would be useful to be able to specify a prefix in the absolute path option when compiling playlists on remote drives such as a NAS. For example when using a QNAP, "/share" must be manually included in absolute paths as it is not visible on a network drive or network device entry. Only option currently is to use relative paths, but some servers (Asset in particular) need an absolute path to link a playlist entry back to the indexed entry's details.
Hope that makes sense!
oddgravityI will add it to my todo list. Thanks for your feedback!

Hi Michael,
Sorry I can't donate at this time. Just wanted to leave a message to say thanks so much for putting 'Playlist Creator' out there for download.
This is an amazing little application. Does exactly what it says on the tin and is very easy to use, even for a beginner like me with a super slow system running XP.
I cannot recommend this enough.
Guys like you make the internet a better place.

Thanks again
Kind regards
B. :)

oddgravityMany thanks for your kind words! :)


If you can solve this issue I promise a donation!!

I have many albums with the format of:
1. folder level 1 Artist
2. Folder level 2 Album,
3. Folder level 2 content Track number and track name.

I can make the playlists in each of the folders but i cannot get to include the parent folder names as artist and album. Help please



delighted to make donation for such an excellent piece of well thought-out software.
oddgravityMany thanks for your donation and your kind words!

Great bit of software.
Donation made.
oddgravityMany thanks for your donation!

David Konecny
I just now downloaded the software. I haven't used it yet but I think it will solve a problem I'm working on.

Great tool, work very well and very quick.. Would be great to allow for more title variables..

Frank P
Ein wunderbares Tool. Intuitiv und übersichtlich in der Handhabung. Hat mir bei der Einrichtung meiner Cloud mit Sonos sehr gut geholfen! Ich bin begeistert. :-)

Playlist add me a lot of convenience, but the use of a little inconvenience encountered,
If the folder or song file is not English but other country text (such as Russian or German .., etc.), then

the program will reject the list and leave the folder where the file, so I hope the program can join Unicode

to accept Non-English files and folders

Superb tool, however, small enhancement?

Perhaps add a button to "RANDOM" sort the playlist?? Most players do random (mix) play, however, if the collection is big, search is tedious. A random playlist will waste little or no time.

Your efforts are appreciated.
oddgravityJust right-click on the playlist and select "Shuffle playlist items".

Hello this is a great product, but ever since I moved from blackberry to android (samsung s5 & s7) I have issues. The 'save location' doesn't see my phone to save the playlist, it saves it to my computer. Am I missing something?

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