Playlist Creator 3.6.2

Playlist Creator

Following the Unix philosophy "one tool for one job" Playlist Creator enables you to create playlists of your precious music within seconds.

The composition and creation of a playlist is quite intuitive: Add all desired files, enter a name for the playlist and select its save location. Hit the create button and one moment later your brand-new playlist is ready.

You don't have to recreate your playlist every time you want to make changes to it. Just open the existing playlist file, make the changes you want and save the playlist. It's as simple as that!

Combining several playlists into a single big playlist is quite simple as well: Insert as many existing playlist files to your current playlist as you like and save the playlist. Done!


  • Readout of tags - Playlist Creator can read the tags of all of your media files and use the data for customizing the playlist.
  • High processing speed - Very high processing speed even with activated readout of tags, thanks to the support of the powerful open source library MediaInfo.
  • Drag and Drop - Add your music files with style by using drag and drop from Windows Explorer.
  • Recursive folder adding - Folders can be added recursively, i.e. the folder and all its subfolders. Enables you to add your entire music collection via a single drag and drop action.
  • Dynamic Titles - Define dynamic title variables in order to use tag data for customizing the playlist output.
  • Absolute / Relative - The playlist items can be saved absolute or relative to the save location of the playlist.
  • Many predefined file types - There are a lot of predefined file types which can instantly be added to the playlist.
  • Custom file types - If you think there is an important file type missing you can easily add it to the list of accepted file types.
  • PLS and M3U playlists - For compatibility with a wide variety of hardware and software Playlist Creator can create playlists both in PLS- and M3U-format.
  • Open or insert playlists - Open existing playlist files to modify them or insert playlist files into your current playlist.
  • Shuffle playlist - If you like variation the playlist can be shuffled with a simple click.
  • Always up-to-date - The application can check (automatically) for newer versions.


System Requirements, Languages

  • Platforms
    • Windows 7
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows XP
    • Windows 2000
  • Languages
    • English
    • German


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Version History

Version: 3.6.2, Released: 2010-01-15

  • New: During long running processes (e.g. playlist creation) the progress is displayed in the taskbar icon (Windows 7)
  • New: Settings checkbox for inserting new entries in ascending order
  • Changed: Use system built-in header sort arrows instead of custom graphics (Windows XP, Vista, 7)
  • Changed: New icons for create playlist dialog
  • Changed: Improved look and feel of playlist context menu
  • Changed: Improved look and feel of 'File Types' settings dialog
  • Changed: Display the full version number of the application in all places
  • Changed: Integrated latest MediaInfoDLL (v0.7.27)
  • Fixed: Drag and drop doesn't work when application is started by the auto-start feature of the installer (Windows Vista, 7)
  • Fixed: Folder selection dialog doesn't scroll to last selected folder (Windows 7)

Version: 3.6.1, Released: 2009-10-15

  • New: Added Vista compatible application icon
  • Changed: New look and feel for the displayed message boxes
  • Changed: Minor changes of look and feel of update check dialog
  • Changed: Integrated latest MediaInfoDLL (v0.7.22)
  • Fixed: Folder selection dialog is not working (Windows 7)
  • Fixed: When adding items via drag and drop the items are not inserted in correct alphabetical order
  • Fixed: No hand cursor is displayed when hovering links (Windows Vista, 7)
  • Fixed: During uninstall the start menu items aren't deleted (Windows Vista, 7)
  • Fixed: Links in about dialog are not displayed correctly with activated ClearType or high DPI settings

Version: 3.6.0, Released: 2009-06-25

  • New: Tags (metadata) can now be read from nearly all file types (e.g. mp3, ogg, flac, wma)
  • New: Playlist can be shuffled (randomized)
  • New: Option for creating simple playlists (i.e. plain file lists)
  • New: Application can check (automatically) for newer versions
  • New: Display keyboard shortcuts in the context menu
  • Changed: Support for id3lib was dropped (using MediaInfo instead)
  • Changed: Title length calculation was improved
  • Changed: Added some file types to the list of active/inactive file types (e.g. ape, mkv, mov)
  • Changed: The caption style of the settings property pages was changed (gradient instead of line)
  • Changed: Removed music from about dialog

Version: 3.5.0, Released: 2007-07-31

  • New: Existing playlist files can be opened and modified
  • New: Main dialog is resizable
  • New: Folders can be added recursively (i.e. the selected folder and all subfolders)
  • New: Multi-selection support for the playlist control (i.e. move / delete all selected items)
  • New: The columns of the playlist control can be sorted by clicking on the column header
  • New: The icon set was replaced with icons from Tango Desktop Project
  • New: Main dialog can optionally snap to the screen border
  • New: Playlist entries can be stored with forward or back slashes (can be combined with any save mode)
  • New: Playlist items which refer to nonexistent files can optionally be highlighted
  • New: List of active file types can optionally be applied when opening playlists
  • New: Additional settings property page: User Interface
  • New: Playlist control can optionally display gridlines
  • New: The alternating row color of the playlist control can be changed or turned off
  • New: It's possible to display the hidden messages again
  • New: Additional toolbar button for creating a new empty playlist
  • New: Drag and drop: The exact insertion point is displayed with an insertion line
  • New: Buttons for moving the selected items to the top / bottom of the playlist
  • New: Statusbar with resize gripper, showing the total number and the number of selected items
  • New: A context menu pops up when right-clicking on the playlist control
  • New: An input prompt is displayed in the playlist name editbox
  • New: When the playlist is empty a message is displayed in the playlist control
  • New: Additional keyboard shortcuts (e.g. select all, move to top / bottom)
  • New: Buttons are disabled if the specific functionality is currently not available
  • New: The lists of active / inactive file types can be resetted
  • New: Added the file type 'flac' to the default active file types
  • New: Settings dialog remembers the last active property page
  • New: During playlist creation the currently processed step is displayed with bold font
  • New: Tooltips are displayed for certain toolbar buttons
  • Reworked: Improved user interface responsiveness when handling big playlists
  • Changed: Moved 'Set as playlist save location' functionality to the context menu of the playlist control
  • Changed: Playlist file types cannot be added to the active / inactive file types (they are handled internally)
  • Changed: Some settings were moved to the new 'User Interface' properties page (e.g. single instance, transparency)
  • Changed: The default title mask is now '<Artist> - <Track #> - <Title>'
  • Changed: The default file filter of the add files select dialog is now 'All files (*.*)'
  • Fixed: Characters of playlist name textbox can become corrupted (thanks to Scott and Tony for testing!)
  • Fixed: If playlist and tracks are located in the same folder the prefix '.\' is added to the filenames (some players don't like it)
  • Fixed: When playlist folder doesn't exist, it's not possible to create a nested folder
  • Fixed: Restoring the last position of the application window isn't multimonitor aware
  • Fixed: The position of the drop graphic is not correct if the setting 'Show window contents while dragging' is off
  • Fixed: Drop graphic is shown until all files have been added
  • Fixed: The create playlist button loses its border when changing from XP styles to classic style

Version: 3.0.3, Released: 2005-12-12

  • New: Playlist creation dialog can automatically be closed after successful creation
  • New: 'Don't show again' checkbox for message box when removing all items from the playlist
  • New: 'Don't show again' checkbox for message box when overwriting an existing playlist
  • New: 'Don't show again' checkbox for message box when creating the folder of a playlist
  • Fixed: Application crashes during startup on systems using 16bpp desktop color depth
  • Fixed: New items are inserted at the wrong position if the first inserted items are of inactive types
  • Fixed: Selection is lost when inserting new items to the playlist (except for drag and drop)
  • Fixed: Transparency isn't turned off when dropping files on the playlist

Version: 3.0.2, Released: 2005-08-30

  • New: Option to clear the playlist automatically after it was created successfully
  • New: Additional save mode: Absolute, without drive (e.g. "\MyMusic\Song23.mp3")
  • New: Playlist buttons are disabled when playlist is empty
  • New: Additional keyboard shortcuts
  • New: Additional page in the Online Help with a table of all keyboard shortcuts
  • Reworked: Increased the accuracy of the title length calculation
  • Reworked: Improved the performance of the user interface when handling very big playlists
  • Changed: Some user interface changes in the settings dialog
  • Fixed: Automatic filling of playlist name and save location does not work after files were added via drag and drop
  • Fixed: Some controls are not using the default font
  • Fixed: About box caption is English in the German version
  • Fixed: Drawing and clipping errors in the user interface when using large screen fonts
  • Fixed: Combobox for selecting the playlist type is missing the drop list style

Version: 3.0.1, Released: 2005-05-08

  • Changed: Minor changes in the Online Help
  • Fixed: It can occur that a playlist of type 'PLS' is created although 'M3U' is selected
  • Fixed: The static controls in the about box are not drawn correctly if ClearType is activated

Version: 3.0.0, Released: 2005-04-17

  • New: Complete GUI redesign
  • New: Drag and drop support
  • New: Support for any file types
  • New: Usage of the Open Source library id3lib
  • New: Increased the performance of playlist creation dramatically
  • New: Support for dynamic titles
  • New: Completely overworked the Online Help
  • New: Several automatisms, e.g. automatic filling of the playlist name

Version: 1.0 - 2.0

  • (removed)