Network Info 1.5

Network Info 1.5

Retrieving information about the network adapters attached to your computer isn't always an easy and intuitive task. Usually you have to open a console window and type in some rather cryptic commands. That practically every version of Windows needs other commands to get the desired information doesn't help either.

That's were Network Info comes into play: Network Info displays important data of all network adapters that are connected to your computer at a glance. Network Info is very easy and intuitive to use. Just start it and get all the information you want.

No trouble with dark and scary console windows and different commands on different Windows versions anymore.


  • Internet IP - Network Info can determine your current Internet IP even if you are behind a router or firewall.
  • Private / Public IP's - See immediately if the currently displayed IP is a private or public IP.
  • Minimize to tray - Click the Tray button on the caption to minimize the program to system tray. The tooltip of the system tray icon displays information about the currently selected network adapter.
  • Network background info - The integrated online help explains technical details about the network data displayed in Network Info.


System Requirements, Languages

  • Platforms
    • Windows XP
    • Windows 2000
    • Windows ME
    • Windows 98
  • Languages
    • English
    • German


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Version History

Version 1.5, Released: 2004-05-12:

  • New: Current Internet IP can be displayed
  • New: Differentiation between private and public IPs
  • New: Online help with background info about network terms was added

Version 1.1, Released: 2004-02-19:

  • New: Complete GUI redesign
  • New: Network data can be fetched automatically at startup
  • New: Application can be minimized to system tray

Version 1.0, Released: 2002-11-30:

  • Initial public release