About me

Michael currently lives in Stuttgart (Germany). He works for a software development company which develops complex tools for the automotive industry. If you have a car that is no older than about 5 years it very likely contains software from the company Michael is working for, or was at least developed using the company's tools. But don't blame Michael if you've any problems with the electronics of your car, he has nothing to do with it!

While Michael was studying Informatics, he lived on sunny Gozo Island - the beautiful neighbour isle of Malta, located in the Mediterranean Sea - for half a year. There he really discovered his passion for coding and learned a lot for his future. Small Gozo became Michael's second home and he often thinks back to the great time he spent there.

When Michael is either not coding for the man who signs the paycheck or for his private projects, he likes it very much driving around with his motorbike. Here is a collection of the bikes he owned so far: Suzuki LS650, Suzuki GS 500, Kawasaki ER-6f, Triumph Street Triple R.

Contrary to the appearance, Michael is not that schizophrenic and is usually not talking in third-person about himself.